Wednesday, December 30, 2009


There lied a vastness yet to be seen
Tinkling sparks of eagerness
Tried to gaze beyond the reach
Tired not, life railed on this string!
Triggering joy and sumptuous the desire
This is hope should I say or
This is all how we are made?

Won't it be a lie to say the truth
Wonderful and worthy
Little anticipations do mean a faith
Latent or the obvious
Life lingers... nothing mean!

Love is what I wondered
Lasting through the life,
Leave not, leave not...
For the shine of flowing thoughts
Flashes out the dark!

Changes and the shades
Charms of this life
Efforts and reaches....
Gains or loses
Bonds or breaks
All chiselled out of spilling time...
Act upon and look unto,
Worry not, fear not...
For nights will be gone
When days are born!

Going is not hard
When you keep the faith upon
Hope is such a great weapon
We could always rely upon!

I look beyond....
I look beyond....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just another step...

Nor I wanted to be
neither it was meant to be...
this state of solitude
just was given to me!

The birthright is freedom
yet the slavery
binds us from inside
desires the monsters...

I know I am tender
but I never surrender
I strolled too far, but
never came out of me!

Far and beyond
where this world goes?
Eyes tried to capture
never knew its stature...
Lies surrounded and lies ahead
never did I looked
never closed my lashes...

I span with the earth...
span with the mars
span with you and
span with all...

convulsions of life
corroded me...
Never thought to be
Never ought to be...

yet I tried to look ahead
far and beyond...
the windows that are closed
God please...
Just another step...
Just another step...

Friday, November 20, 2009


I stood alone
drifting my gazes farther
beyond the clouds of imagination...
I saw my reincarnations
embossed out of my shades
that I wore all but inadvertently!

Naive and negating
I pondered of my fallen faces
neither I won, nor was defeated
mulling the myriad mitigations

I flew high making this world a miniscule speck
opened the windows of my soul

self felt cleansed
for waging a war against itself
interrogating the innate nature
I enjoyed the confessions!

Rolled back in time,
I wiped up the mirror,
that showed myself...
and my world that I built...

I had to pick the specs of me...
covered in dust and
the images all doomed...

I still walk....
along with no one but just me
looking for the hand
that will lend and lead....

Reflections often speak lies...
What a truth!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Skies...

The morning just breathed
the fragrance of the dreams..
life surged ahead with its lashes open
virtues of existence embraced
the expanse of the sacred skies...

The long walks that I take
along the avenues of imagination
often ended here...with no limits!
flying high and flying high!

I often wondered
and I often praised
how so sweet it is
of this powers of power
bestowed us with
the precious creativity
that never ceases to stimulate
nor causes a fatigue....
what a gift! What a gift!

As yesterdays rolled away
Today stood here
addressing it touch of achievement
I pondered and dweleved
in my tiny castle called heart...
Where my skies expanded
thoughts palpitated
my tomorrows are all
just the presence....
My sweet life is just the walk
I take along my imagination!

What a gift! What a gift!
What a gift is my journey!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The core.

ever exploring....
knows truth

the truth
perception knows!

Life is beyond....
The soul
Be a man
for its worth to be...

We want what we want
and we disguise....

Life is nothing
a practice!

Who wins....

Friday, March 20, 2009

My wonderland of love...

I've been dreaming and
wished all along
And you came in my life
like the dream coming true...

Like a streak of light in darkness
you swept away the gloom
Like a cuckoo that sang the tunes
that echoed in my heart...

I try to see afar
gazing at the stars
My world would just expand
beyond the shores
that eyes can't just describe...

My longings ever prevail and
the sense of belonging dreamed
I strolled in milky way
in a stream of hallucinations...

This so beautiful
my wonderland !
where I wander in and out
like a nomad
stringing notes of rejoice
that the spirit would
exult and gay...

You are my love....
You are my soul
Life is no fun....
Without you being here...

It is so beautiful.....
My wonderland of love.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Naked Truth

Amidst a small congregation of soul-filled bodies
I stood.
As the Vedic chants echoed in the ears of the swarm,
The silences broke.
A moment of truth!

The withered mother who would no more budge or breathe
Reminded the fearful phase wide open for these futures...
Silence engulfed her once for all...

We all know we are lined up
Without wanting to think about this destination
Which ultimately comes to us whether we go or not

Wonder what is in store...
No one knows nor there is someone who came back to reiterate
Death has a new face with a prologue of silence

As our unshaken belief says we would transfer
Unto that transition
Where a different world exists
And souls ooze into it....

The quietness that people wore
In respect to this departed soul,
The discourse that the pundit made
In ratifying the wandering minds
All amidst the scrolling, devout time...
Mind pondered

A few souls deciphered into broken bonds
Came out with loud cries of despondency
That, only tomorrows can heal

Relations and values leave nothing but the
Tears that rolled down the cheeks
the warmth and goodness that the departed soul left

I stood facing life
With no traces of my incarnation.
Time ticked....
I tried to see ahead...just beyond the horizon
Where the haze of reality smothered the self...


Myriad shades of life…
For most, a day, a struggle
For many, a slumber, for some, an extravaganza…
The lanes of hearts shows no signs
All concealed,
Mankind marches…
Minds differ!

Those green days of childhood
Refusing to fade away,
Poses soothing reminiscences…
Hackneyed in mundane morbidity
todays and tomorrows
Nudges the inner self…
Like nocturnal owls.

The journey breathes,
With hopes and aspirations
Revolves around just the miniscule self.
Shrouded in mysteries
Not willing to unravel,
Lives retard….
Bounded in follies
Selfishness reigns!

We stay,
the way we are.
Utter inhibitions!

The door remains closed.
Few try to open it,
Shed some light unto, but
Self guises awake!

The distance brings no closeness
Yet the journey never stops!


Slither as the needle ticks
Further into the fathom of life...
The foregone past
And the unknown future
Making a tricky transfusion,
Remain the present
An abominable incumbent...

Unseen tears in an abyss
I stood like a child that lost its mother
Crying and crumbling
With fears aggravating...

Questions depend on answers
And answers, the vice versa
Life just relegate as we remorse
Everything depends
A feeling that connects
You and me!

The serene spindle of love
Soothingly wound around
The sensuous soul
And sentiments
All depends on it...

The love that gives and
The love that takes!
I just dwelled in this...
An amphibian by nature

Gracing the breath
I sacrificed me
As the needle ticked...