Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Solitary Moments of Dream...

Just as the quietness slept still
Just as the bustle of souls slumbered
never resting light
wanting to peek
spilled its gaze
following darkness…

Love for dark…
light only knows!
Always behind each other…
Although so different!

Just as the lighter souls started tweeting
Dancing crisscross on the skies…
Flying in pattern and a beautiful chaos
Bidding good bye
Flocks sighed away…

Just as the binding souls stayed as are
Sleeping a secret night
Quiet and composed,
The way they liked…
Quivering all in glitter
Refusing to depart….

Musical moods of this morning
All that as orchestrated by nature…
Lonely and united
Playing the symphony
Just for me….
All alone in that grand arena…

Welcoming colors of the blossom
Sprung all along
Even weeds bore gorgeous flowers…

A soothing morning
An inner unison
For my restless soul…

Just as I enjoyed this solitude
just as I knew that this moment
is just another dream in reality…
Mornings are just mine...

A distant truck grumbling
Came close and passed by
Just before the traffic lights
Turning red….

I started to feel…
The world is awake now…

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The more it wants
the more it looks for
pity though,
the will never is strong enough!

Changing shades
self fades,
desires eruptive...
mind never is strong enough!

One after other,
the rhetoric of life
spins around the basics...
Wins nothing; loses nothing!
Knowing never is strong enough!

Cyclical the time...
leads us all to where we came from
the hollow unknown;
birth given, death taken
Just starts nowhere!
Just ends nowhere!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What me?

I lied
to myself...
Despite a call that was heard always
I chose to be deaf.
I chose not to speak as I lied
on a barren land of truth!
Submerged in me somewhere...

I tried
to crawl,
to get up and walk up to me...
trying not to look at me
I purposely turned away
from the reflection I had in me...

The stimulations within
and out...
tested by the simulations,
a mere transformation of
self in transgression...

no way to get in
or no way to get out!
within me I kept walking
Nowhere to go ...

Another day of silence
well spoken...
I chose to be so!
As dumb as I am...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calling Back...

Foreseen and foregone
passing the shackles
I strode the time...

Rolling around the shallow valleys
heights were astounding!
I fell back
pulled by myself
the efforts of reason
slept ashamed....

A life given
lost on algorithms...
Attributes wore by
Attires of illusions
I tend to lie of
what life wanted
what life offered

Tentacles of wants
lied natural....
Whims of my shadow
glowed gloriously!

The science
of conscience.
I dwell in and out
within no boundaries..
within the reach!
Not scaled...
appeared large
yet miniscule

an Echo
pulled me to

Just calling back
yet not heeding
I stayed the same...
behind me...
the screen called self!