Wednesday, December 30, 2009


There lied a vastness yet to be seen
Tinkling sparks of eagerness
Tried to gaze beyond the reach
Tired not, life railed on this string!
Triggering joy and sumptuous the desire
This is hope should I say or
This is all how we are made?

Won't it be a lie to say the truth
Wonderful and worthy
Little anticipations do mean a faith
Latent or the obvious
Life lingers... nothing mean!

Love is what I wondered
Lasting through the life,
Leave not, leave not...
For the shine of flowing thoughts
Flashes out the dark!

Changes and the shades
Charms of this life
Efforts and reaches....
Gains or loses
Bonds or breaks
All chiselled out of spilling time...
Act upon and look unto,
Worry not, fear not...
For nights will be gone
When days are born!

Going is not hard
When you keep the faith upon
Hope is such a great weapon
We could always rely upon!

I look beyond....
I look beyond....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just another step...

Nor I wanted to be
neither it was meant to be...
this state of solitude
just was given to me!

The birthright is freedom
yet the slavery
binds us from inside
desires the monsters...

I know I am tender
but I never surrender
I strolled too far, but
never came out of me!

Far and beyond
where this world goes?
Eyes tried to capture
never knew its stature...
Lies surrounded and lies ahead
never did I looked
never closed my lashes...

I span with the earth...
span with the mars
span with you and
span with all...

convulsions of life
corroded me...
Never thought to be
Never ought to be...

yet I tried to look ahead
far and beyond...
the windows that are closed
God please...
Just another step...
Just another step...