Monday, April 6, 2009

My Skies...

The morning just breathed
the fragrance of the dreams..
life surged ahead with its lashes open
virtues of existence embraced
the expanse of the sacred skies...

The long walks that I take
along the avenues of imagination
often ended here...with no limits!
flying high and flying high!

I often wondered
and I often praised
how so sweet it is
of this powers of power
bestowed us with
the precious creativity
that never ceases to stimulate
nor causes a fatigue....
what a gift! What a gift!

As yesterdays rolled away
Today stood here
addressing it touch of achievement
I pondered and dweleved
in my tiny castle called heart...
Where my skies expanded
thoughts palpitated
my tomorrows are all
just the presence....
My sweet life is just the walk
I take along my imagination!

What a gift! What a gift!
What a gift is my journey!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The core.

ever exploring....
knows truth

the truth
perception knows!

Life is beyond....
The soul
Be a man
for its worth to be...

We want what we want
and we disguise....

Life is nothing
a practice!

Who wins....