Saturday, April 24, 2010

How do I call it?

One of those days...they say,
for those moments that linger
in the backyards of the heart...

Much to the dismay
often administer awe and yielding remorse…

Overly emphasized
the perceptions
stood around like a uncouth landlord!

No recourse; unseen reflections
Of the fragile future
Dissuaded by meagre hopes
I walked in my lands
Where no lords existed…

Privileged and prudent
The stroll surrounded by the thorns
Of idiosyncrasies
Self interrogated its validity!

Thoughts… why just for us?
I wondered what the souls unseen
To the kingdom of animals
Would lurk upon…

Why these shades and why questions?
What lasts and what vanishes….?
Negating my optimism,
Wrinkles of time
Dissolved into itself....

My questions embedded
in me
yet as an adversary
Rolled me in and out

Are these vicinities just me?
As I stroll
As I stumble
As I envisage....

How do I call it?

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Like a recluse, the darkness
Wore an attire of silence...

With no boundaries
existence dwindled
into the fathom;
the solitude
oozed into fantasies....

The thirst of life
surrendered to a vastness
The frivolous bouquets of
passing memories
rest on you.

Velocities veered
into vintage
I embraced
the exotic expanses
of these journeys...

You marvelled
A reciprocation!
Agonies of uncertainties
being an antagonist
you reprimanded....
The ego!

From the minuscule oceans
I resurrected...

Alluring obligations
driven toward the daybreak

I just embarked
on the journey I just wiped away
The protagonist way....

I depart,
searching for my path!
Like blindfolded
with no clues....
Will you shed some light?