Sunday, August 1, 2010


From the first day
When I made my cry
a music to my beloved
till the last breath
I owe to the thirsty elements
I am bereaved
for my zealous efforts
tracing desires of
a natural entity…

my attires
of follies…
Life apprehended
in its fervent nutshell.

by the darkness of destiny,
an anonymous caller,
my dawns marauded…

Reality unveiled
The shades of survival…
An effigy of self,
Tormented by the
Codes of persistence
Until I find my abode
All so special
In silence

Leaving the cries
To those beloved
Ever to propagate…

A reward of life
While being alive
And when fail…
So simple the truth is!

Steered by an esteem
Of no serene seduction
Triggered is this journey
Who leads and
Who follows….