Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just felt like...

Gone for a few days...
Back for a few days...
Wonders of thoughts
Worrying hearts
Whispers of self
Spoke or not?

A soul,
A brain,
and the mind.
An aura called body!

Austere yet anonymous
The spirit the stateless!
So longing for the bodies,
Its ethereal journey embodies
A desire, may we call it destiny!

Fusion of formless and the form
A rhapsody of cosmic dance.
Matter exists; nor it does
Signs of vacuum
A discreet welcome!

The flow of self
Progresses to where it came from!
Feign actions perturb
The ecstatic innateness
A rule we made,
But never followed!

Secrets of longings
Vital belongings
Disguised and undisclosed

Gone for a few days,
Back for a few days...

Merely lived
Meets no end
Whispers of self
Heard or not?

1 comment:

  1. Heard yet unheard, sometimes, known yet unknown...continuing mystery - mind.